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Average gross income (NC)


Average gross income for the population aged 17 years and over. Gross income includes total wages and salaries, pensions, entrepreneurial income and property income.

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Two measures are available. Use the Measure button to select:
1. Norwegian Kroner = Average income in NOK.
2. Ratio (Norway = 100) = Ratio between the county's average and the national average for a given year. Examples; ratio = 130 means that the county's average is 30% higher than the national level. A ratio of 87 means that the county's average is 13% lower than the national level.

Rationale for indicator
Income and personal economy are central influencing factors for health.
Statistics Norway
Tax return forms are the basis for all statistics on income and property from Statistics Norway, and the statistics include all persons taxed in Norway.
Interpretation and sources of error
There was a decrease in gross income in many counties in 2006 due to a reduction in dividends received and net entrepreneurial income. From 2006, there were assessed taxes on dividends received for personal tax payers. In previous years this was tax-free.
Data quality
Erroneous reports from the Tax return forms are possible, but in most cases they are corrected by the tax authorities. The statistical data is generated after tax returns are calculated, but before all complaints have been processed. Changes after such complaints are therefore not included. These statistics were first made available for the 1993 income year, and little has been changed in the statistics since then. Statistics are therefore comparable since 1993.
Time periods
Geographical level
Country, counties
Both genders, men, women
Age groups
17 years and over
Frequency of updates
Last updated

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