Electoral participation, parliamentary elections 2017 − electoral participation, 2017


Approved ballot papers or approved votes as a percentage of those eligible to vote in the 2017 parliamentary elections. For each county, the highest figure out of either of two categories, "approved ballot papers including blank" or "approved votes (ticked off in the electoral register)" is selected.

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Two measures are available. Use the Measure button to select:
1. Per cent = Voter participation in per cent
2. Ratio (Norway = 100) = Ratio between the county's percentage and the national percentage for a given year. Examples; ratio = 130 means that the county's percentage is 30% higher than the national level. A ratio of 87 means that the county's percentage is 13% lower than the national level.

Eligible to vote: Norwegian citizens aged 18 or more during the election year, and who have been registered as residing in Norway at some point during the last 10 years.
Rationale for indicator
Electoral participation may be regarded as a measure of participation and community involvement.

Tilnærminger, modeller og verktøy i oversiktsarbeidet. En kunnskapsoppsummering: http://www.hioa.no/extension/hioa/design/hioa/images/nibr/files/2014-23.pdf (in Norwegian, with a summary in English)

Sosial kapital - Teorier og perspektiver: https://helsedirektoratet.no/Lists/Publikasjoner/Attachments/316/Sosial-kapital-teorier-og-perspektiver-en-kunnskapsoversikt-med-vekt-pa-folkehelse-IS-1797.pdf (in Norwegian)
The Norwegian Directorate of Elections
The statistics include results from the 2017 parliamentary elections in the counties and for the country as a whole.

Data are collected for people eligible to vote, how many who voted, rejected votes, blank votes and approved votes.

Parliamentary elections: The results are submitted via the internet form of the county election board.
Time periods
Geographical level
Norway, health regions and counties.
Age groups
18 and over
Frequency of updates
Every election
Last updated

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